frequently asked questions

How far out do you book an event?

As long as you know the WHEN and WHERE, we'll book you! Most brides will secure us within one year to 9 months of their wedding date. If your wedding is around the corner, still reach out and we'll do our best to be available to capture your day!

Do you offer both videography and photography?

Yes! Be sure to note in your inquiry that you're looking for photo AND video. We work closely with Taylor Kuperberg Photography and Kiste Photography to provide both photo AND video services/packages to our couples.

Where are you based? Are you willing to travel?

We are based in Central Florida BUT are SO down to travel and capture your wedding wherever your love takes you.

How much can I expect to spend?

Please see our pricing page for starting investments and inquire for full availability and pricing.

I need help finding other vendors! Have any suggestions?

You bet! Shoot us a message using our contact page and we'd be happy to send you a list of our favorite vendors.

I am an influencer/content creator, will I be able to share my wedding video on my social channels?

Yes! We use social media friendly music beds on each of our films to make sure that they can be shared with ease. All we ask is that credit is given where credit is due as will be reflected in your contract.

Do you create our wedding day timeline?

Typically, your wedding planner/coordinator or photographer will create your wedding day timeline. IF you do not have someone able to create that for you we will gladly do so.

Can I request specific moments or individuals to be highlighted?

Absolutely! This is YOUR wedding day and we want your film to reflect everything you hold most dear.

How do you capture sound? Will you be able to hear our vows in the video?

We have two microphones that will be attached to our couples. They are tiny enough to hide in a jacket pocket or be clipped in a hidden spot on the bride's gown. We do this to make sure we have clear audio of both parties and the officiant no matter what the situation.

I really want a video that will capture our WHOLE day, not just the cutsey stuff. Do you make something like that?

While we LOVE the cutesy stuff, we want to create videos that tell the whole story and will be an heirloom you'll pass down through generations. Our "The Legacy" package includes a documentary-style legacy film that will feature all the big and in between moments of your day meant to be a modern stylized version of the long-form wedding videos of days passed. If the legacy isn't quite what you're looking for, consider our "Be Your Guest" add on.