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Whether or not to hire a wedding day content creator is the question on a lot of modern couple's minds. For some, the desire to have IPhone content is social media driven, wanting footage that can be easily curated to use for trending Tiktoks and Instagram Reels for years to come. For others, the allure lies in the value of having memories from their wedding day instantaneously to reminisce before their professional photography and videography are full-edited and returned. Offered complimentary with any videography package is wedding day content creation. Save yourself from having to hire yet another vendor and keep the video to the video professionals. Whether you want behind the scenes Iphone footage, 4K Tiktoks and Reels created from your professional footage, or to plan time to film the latest trends, we've got it taken care of. Within 24 hours you can expect a Dropbox folder full of content, and as you await your final films you'll be surprised with micro videos created to trending sounds using the professional footage captured. Here's a look at what you can expect...



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