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4 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in A Wedding Videographer

Your photographer will capture moments IN time. We capture moments OVER time. Both beautiful keepsakes, both completely incapable of replacing the other, both work hand in hand to tell a complete story.

Being able to see a moment frozen in time is priceless, but so is being able to relive the moment, hear words, laughs, cheers, happy cries, and watching the memories unfold.

You can't be everywhere on your wedding day, we document the things you don't get to see. Naturally, you're going to miss little moments here and there. The smiles on your friends and family's faces during the ceremony and first dances, the tears in your bridal party's eyes as they witness their friends exchange vows, a grandparent's blessing, that one cousin's crazy dance move, all moments that you can rest easy knowing that while you're looking into your partner's eyes, we've got it all captured.

Want to see this full film? Watch it HERE!

We work with you to make SURE you don't forget to plan the memories. It's so easy to get caught up in the millions of details that go into your wedding day and forget to make space for moments to unfold. Your wedding day can have WAY more core memory moments than just the traditional ceremony, speeches, and dances. We care that you know all of the options and ideas to help slow down your day and memorialize every second.

Do we want to make you something visually beautiful and cinematic? Yes. But do we care WAY more that there are REAL, meaningful memories being documented? ABSOLUTELY, because that's what gives the story we create for YOU substance.

Want to see this full film? Watch it HERE!

A wedding film is one of the FEW investments from your wedding that you can take with you and enjoy time and time again once it's all over. Do we LOVE the details? YES. And we'll make sure they're all captured so you don't forget them. BUT at the end of the day, the chair you sat in, that specific shade of napkin, that particular flower, and dozens of party favors that got left behind, won't stand the test of time to make the feelings all come flooding back when your memory starts to falter.

Investing in wedding videography is a gift you give to your current self, future self, your guests, and your future family.

Want to see this full film? Watch it HERE!

We ALWAYS hear couples say that one of the only regrets they have from their wedding day was not hiring a videographer, NEVER have I heard the opposite. There’s a million reasons why your wedding film is worth being a priority when budgeting, but hopefully these four helped you decide.

Okay, so you see where we're coming from now, right? If your answer is anything other than OMG YES, go watch our wedding films on

Ready to have us capture your wedding day? SWEET. Contact us to get started HERE.

Chat soon!

Xoxo, GVVC <3



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