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Planning the Memories PART 2: Post-Ceremony, Portraits, Reception, Exit!

Hello and welcome to the Golden View Video Co blog! This is part two in a series we're calling "Planning the Memories." So what exactly is "Planning the memories"? I can already hear you saying,"Please don't tell me I have to plan MORE!?"

Before you grab the phone and call your coordinator, rest easy, what we call "Planning the Memories" is MUCH less daunting than planning the wedding day. A wedding day is full of moments, it's the collection of moments that make your wedding day special. It's the moments that turn into memories that you'll dream of years after you say "I DO."

However, sometimes when planning all of the details of the day, the decor, the stationery, the food, the vibe, you forget to actually make space in that timeline for MOMENTS. So that's where we come in. Because as wedding videographers, our job is to capture the moving moments, the memories in real time. Your wedding day, wedding film, and wedding memories will be SO much better if you create space during the big day to live in the moment. As you read on we'll list out and provide some visual examples of different ideas/inspiration for events and moments you can plan to add to the story of your wedding day.


So you've just said "I-Do" and sealed it with a kiss, what's next?

  • If you're the dancing type, dance your way right back down that aisle, new spouse in hand!

  • Put a little pouch of flower petals at each guest's seat and have them throw them in the air as you walk down the aisle! It's the dreamiest moment and a shot of you kissing at the end of the aisle, your loved one's smiling faces turned towards you, with flower petals falling all around... whew, I had to pause and take a breath just thinking about it. Cue the tears.

  • Take at LEAST a minute to be alone with your spouse after the ceremony. Having a second to look at each other and just say "whoa, we're married" is a moment you won't soon forget. Not to mention, our mics are still rolling until we come up to you and turn them off, so we've got all that sweet audio.

When Robert and I got married we didn't do a first look and he was so frozen/focused during the ceremony it wasn't until AFTER that he was fully able to take in what I looked like! (We've got pics to prove it LOL)

  • See your reception space for the first time! Fully soak in the fact that your Pinterest board dreams have come to life and embrace all of your vendors hard work. Seeing it empty AND seeing it full of your loved ones are two different moments worth appreciating.

  • Before we start portrait time, have someone ready with a drink for the both of you and a couple of hors d'oeuvres. This way you get to enjoy your food, and we actively fight against any potential hangry energy.


Guess what? Portrait time on your wedding day DOES NOT equal stand and smile in direct sunlight for an hour. Is that good news to you? It's good news to me. Will we get some shots of you both standing still for a little? Yes. Your grandma would come after your photographer if she didn't have something hang over her fireplace. BUT, we're video, baby! We want memories, MOTION, moments! So what can we do to capture those shots of the two of you that will add to the beauty of your wedding film? Here's a couple of ideas...

  • You've bought this STUNNING dress. Arguably one of the most beautiful things you'll wear in your life, you deserve your princess running through the fields moment. We'll capture it in slow motion and it'll be EPIC.

  • Getting married in the city? In nature? Let's take a hike. Literally. You and your love can soak up the moment while engaging with your surroundings and we'll just follow you around capturing it all.

  • If you're getting married at a venue near a lake, take a scenic boat tour!

  • Dance! Your first dance as husband and wife doesn't have to happen in front of a crowd if you don't want it to!

  • Pop some champagne with your bridal party and thank them for standing beside you.

  • Have pets or animals at your wedding? Spend a little time with them!

  • Sign your marriage license. You were going to have to do it anyways! Might as well do it with your photo + video crew there to capture the ink hitting the paper.

  • Here's a wild concept, actually make time to ATTEND your cocktail hour! No, seriously, you can actually do that. Have fun saying hi to your guests and we'll come and do our thing! Here you can get photos/videos engaging with your guests outside of just the dance floor too, it's a win win.


It's time to celebrate! The vows have been spoken, the kiss has been sealed, and the license signed, let's party!

  • Entrances! This one's a gimme, but there's no memory quite like that first time you're announced as Mr and Mrs in front of all your loved ones!

  • I promise this is the *second* to last time I'll mention dancing. lol

Fun fact: I (Adrianna) used to think choreographed first dances were silly. AH. I know, I know. I've since seen the light so don't come for me. You don't have to have a Dancing With The Stars type of moment, but maybe practice with your partner before hand a couple of moves with some pizazz. Three minutes of swaying does give you some time to soak up the moment and chat with your love, but adding a little special something helps add to the memory.

Don't want to do a first dance in front of ALL those people? Try an anniversary dance! Invite all the married people to the dance floor and your DJ or MC will whittle the crowd down until the last two standing are the people who have been married the longest. This way, you're the first to get off the dance floor and its a cute way to celebrate the long years of love.

  • Speeches/Toasts. This is another gimme, but I had to include it because it's one of my favorite parts of a wedding day. To hear words from the hearts of the people who love you most is one of the best feelings there is. Most likely only snippets of these speeches will appear in your highlight film, so if you know that someone's likely got a real tear-jerker prepared, I suggest including the Speeches and Dances add-on to your package!

  • The Shoe Game! Believe it or not, the only wedding I've seen this done at is my own! The couple sits back to back and holds one of each other's shoes. The DJ or MC will ask questions to let your guests get to know you, Ex. Who was first to say I love you?, Who's more likely to...?, etc. You each answer the questions by holding up the shoe of the person in question. Laughs 100% guaranteed.

  • Stand up, Sit Down: It's an interactive game to see how well your guests know the bride and groom! Have someone ask true/false questions about the couple and instruct your guests to stand or sit in response to the questions. It's a fun way to involve the non-dancey folk!

  • There are a million and one forms of entertainment for a wedding. Here are a couple of quick ideas that we've seen that you can to add to your reception: 1) A Live Band 2) Circus Performers 3) Up-Close Magicians 4) Photo Booth 5) Caricature Artist 6) A Live Painter - One of our favorites! They start before your ceremony and typically finish during your reception! Not only is it a beautiful keepsake, but it's great entertainment for you and your guests to see the progress throughout the day!) Just to name a few!

The painting pictured above is by

  • Step outside to watch the Sunset. Notice I said WATCH and NOT pose for a photo. Don't get me wrong, if you want specific sunset photos, then by all means get them! But if your venue has a beautiful sunset view, invite your guests out to watch the sunset with you. Another one of those, pause and think about how this is actually real life moments.

Story time: When Robert and I got married (if I sound like this now imagine a couple years from now when we have kids LOL), we got married at the Lake Mary Events Center with a beautiful lake view of the sun setting. We actually switched it up and had our reception in their traditional ceremony space called the Rotunda, a beautiful circular room with floor to ceiling windows all around that gave you a view of the lake and trees outdoors. Robert and I were facing the room with our backs turned to the windows when my mom came to us and said to turn around, the view was spectacular. Before we knew it everyone was walking out the doors to soak in the view of the spectacular sunset. We watched the sun fall in the orangey-pink skies surrounded by all of our friends and family. It wasn't a planned moment, but I'm so glad we didn't miss it.

  • Sweetheart Dance: This is a dance where you kick everyone out of your party, your coordinator will get them ready for the grand exit, and you and your new forever partner get a private last dance in your empty venue to soak in the fact that it all actually happened. This is also perfect if you had a hard time picking ONE song for that first dance, now you have a reason to use another! Woo!


You don't HAVE to have a grand exit, but if you like the idea, here are a couple of one's we've seen that you might like!

  • Shocker, a sparkler exit. If you trust your loved one's with fire, then GO FOR IT.

  • A bubble exit. This actually comes out SO cute in photo/video and is less scary than the previous option.

  • Confetti Exit.

  • Rent a fancy car and drive away in style!

  • By the beach or the water? Sail away on a boat and say bon voyage!

  • FIREWORKS. Need I say more?

There you have it! Consider the things on this list and what you feel makes the most sense for your wedding day. Whenever we've sent our pre-wedding questionnaire to our past couples they always came back saying how the things we listed inspired them to add things to their timeline. We figured making a series on the blog to help get those gears turning ahead of time would help with constructing your timeline and planning the memories!

Can't wait for the big day! And if you're not one of our current couples and you're reading this, thank you for being here!

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