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Planning the Memories PART 1: Getting Ready, Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Golden View Video Co blog! So what exactly is "Planning the memories"? I can already hear you saying,"Please don't tell me I have to plan MORE!?"

Before you grab the phone and call your coordinator, rest easy, what we call "Planning the Memories" is MUCH less daunting than planning the wedding day. A wedding day is full of moments, it's the collection of moments that make your wedding day special. It's the moments that turn into memories that you'll dream of years after you say "I DO."

However, sometimes when planning all of the details of the day, the decor, the stationery, the food, the vibe, you forget to actually make space in that timeline for MOMENTS. So that's where we come in. Because as wedding videographers, our job is to capture the moving moments, the memories in real time. Your wedding day, wedding video, and wedding memories will be SO much better if you create space during the big day to live in the moment. As you read on we'll list out and provide some visual examples of different ideas/inspiration for events and moments you can plan to add to the story of your wedding day.


So what can you do on the morning of your wedding day, before stepping into the dress, to make some memories?

  • Pop the champagne and pour out some wedding day mimosas

  • Have a groomsman deliver coffee to the bride with a little love note from the groom written on the cup

  • Write your bridal party thank you cards and have them read them

  • Make Tiktoks with your bridal party

  • Make a getting-ready playlist with all of your favorite songs and dance around with your bridal party

  • Play a video game, card game, or some pool with your bridal party


Alright, so you've got the dress on. Now what? Don't go racing down that aisle just yet!

  • Exchange gifts and/or letters with your spouse-to-be

  • Have your bridal party pray over you

  • Have a first look with your bridal party and/or parents

  • Have a first look OR first touch with your future spouse

A note on first looks: Yes, it is true that they are an efficient event to move along the timeline. If you're about it, then GREAT! However, if you're not comfy with a first look and have always dreamed of that moment your eyes meet for the first time while walking down the aisle, then have a first touch instead. You still get the intimate moment to breathe, squeeze their hand, and pray before the ceremony, but you don't have to see a thing.

  • Exchange private vows and do the "official" stuff at the altar

  • Get a first-look of the ceremony and reception space

  • Have a before-the-aisle interview with your wedding videographers to talk about how you feel, how excited you are, and words to the future you

  • Have a parent or loved one place your outfit's finishing touches - a.k.a. boutonniere, veil, jewelry, jacket, etc.


It's the big moment!

  • Don't have flower girls? Have flower grandmas or groomsmen instead! Laughs 100% guaranteed.

  • Have a pet/animal walk down the aisle - (Yes, that IS a penguin.)

  • Start the ceremony off in worship

  • Surprise your guests with an unlikely officiant

Robert and I actually did this at our wedding! We surprised everyone by having Robert's brother get ordained and marry us. The faces were priceless and the moment he stepped out from Robert's side, grabbed his bible, and stood between the both of us is one of our favorites.

  • Foot washing ceremony (modeled in the Bible)

  • Take Communion

  • Sand ceremony - You both pour sand into a vase and in the same way the grains of sand can never again be separated. It symbolizes your marriage.

  • Plant ceremony - You each, and any other family members or loved ones you choose, pour dirt into the pot and the plant grows with you and your marriage.

  • Vows to children

  • A moment to honor loved ones who have passed

  • Take a selfie at the altar of you and your spouse-to-be with your guests in the background

  • Take a moment to honor the marriage traditions of your culture/heritage/religion

  • Last but not least, write personal vows! This is totally up to you and your comfort level, but having heart-felt personal vows weaved into the audio of a wedding film ALWAYS tugs on the heart strings.

There you have it! Consider the things on this list and what you feel makes the most sense for your wedding day. Whenever we've sent our pre-wedding questionnaire to our past couples they always came back saying how the things we listed inspired them to add things to their timeline. We figured making a series on the blog to help get those gears turning ahead of time, would help with constructing your timeline and planning the memories!

Next up: Planning the Memories PART 2: After the Ceremony +The Reception



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